Best Dog Grooming Brush Reviews In 2019 – Top Rated For Short and Long Hair

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best dog grooming brush 2019

A regular grooming session is vital for the dog’s all-around health and well being for which you need the best dog grooming brush.

It not only leaves your dog healthy and comfortable but also makes sure the coat is kept flea-free and untangled.

Any coats left to develop matted areas can lead to anxiety and discomfort for the pet.

Also, regular grooming will get your dog familiar with the process and makes it easier in the long-term to check your dog is well and clean, as well as providing the shiny healthy coat.

Using the grooming brush is also great for stimulating blood flow and distributes the natural oils in the coat.

The best time to start grooming is at an early age to minimize the risk of a dog being afraid of this action. It is a great way to build trust between the owner and the dog. Also, try to combine interactive dog toys in the day-to-day activities for greater ease in bonding.

Best Gog Grooming Brush in 2019

I have invested a lot of time to research the dog grooming brush with blade options in the market. After analyzing the best products and considered factors like features and consumer feedback, these dog grooming brushes are the best picks.

FURminator deShedding ToolFURminator deShedding ToolFurminatorCheck Price
Pet Grooming BrushPet Grooming BrushPet NeatCheck Price
PRODogs Pet-It Shampoo Massage BrushPRODogs Pet-It Shampoo Massage BrushConairCheck Price
Light Pets Deshedding and Trimming ToolLight Pets Deshedding and Trimming ToolHARBO FOR PETS FOR FAMILIESCheck Price
Automatic Self Cleaning Slicker BrushAutomatic Self Cleaning Slicker BrushGrand LineCheck Price
SilCoater DUOSilCoater DUOActiVetCheck Price
Original Deshedding Grooming ToolOriginal Deshedding Grooming ToolSleekEZCheck Price
Professional Self Cleaning Slicker BrushProfessional Self Cleaning Slicker BrushGoldpetsCheck Price
A5III Mark III SlickerA5III Mark III SlickerChris Christensen SystemsCheck Price
Dog Grooming Comb for SheddingDog Grooming Comb for SheddingPaws & PalsCheck Price

Why do you need a grooming brush?

  • Maintain the shiny and healthy coat
  • Prevent tangles and matting

The Best Grooming Brush for Dogs

Grooming brushes vary in their effectiveness and it benefits to put in the time to find the right brush to match the specific type or breed of dog. This rule applies to all types of pet supplies, such as dog collars and dog crates.

Here is our list of the good dog grooming brush options:

1) FURminator deShedding Tool – Best Dog Brush for Shedding

best dog grooming brush

The FURminator deShedding Tool is a top rated grooming tool that is absolutely essential to remove loose hair quickly and easily.

It has the ability to cut shedding by nearly 90%, which means so much less dog hair is left in the home on the floor, furniture, or dog bed. This tool for medium sized dogs (21-50 pounds) is intended to work on short haired dogs (shorter than 2 inches).

It is an effortless process to remove the hair that would otherwise coat the home with black or brown hair. This is the type of tool used by the pros and easily reaches benefit the topcoat to gather the loose hair that is just waiting to fall out.

A great practical feature is the ejector button to quickly remove the collected hair. It is built and designed by grooming professionals with patented technology to guarantee its ability to control shredding with greater efficiency than any other comb, rake, or brush.

Product highlights

  • Cuts shedding by nearly 90%
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle
  • Reaches deep beneath the topcoat to carefully remove loose hair
  • Useful ejector button to quickly clear collected hair

2) Pet Grooming Brush – Professional Dog Grooming Brush

dog grooming brush with blade

The Pet Grooming Brush by Pet Neat is the #1 rated new release in the pet supplies category and easily reduces shedding by up to 95%.

This is a professional quality de-shedding tool for dogs (also works equally well for cats) to quickly and cleanly remove the dead undercoat and loose hairs to leave the main top coat healthy and shiny.

It is really easy to use and just takes 5 minutes of daily effort to maintain the shiny top coat. This type of tool is certain to appeal to the pet owners that often have to put up with pet hair dropped in the car or all over the house.

Even after a single 15 minute session, you will see a dramatic improvement in the look of the dog’s coat. Plus, the regular brushing action helps to promote healthier skin for all-round grooming benefits.

Product highlights

  • Cut shedding by nearly 95% in only 15 minutes
  • Gentle on dog’s skin
  • Use with single or double coats
  • Solid and strong build with a 4-inch comb in stainless steel
  • 100% lifetime guarantee

3) PRODogs Pet-It Shampoo Massage Brush – Best Slicker Brush for Dogs | Dog Shampoo Brush

pin brush dog grooming

The PRODogs Pet-It Shampoo Massage Brush by Conair is easily cupped in the hand to give a gentle massage to fully stimulate the dog’s coat while giving a wash.

The thick, rubbery bristle brush dog grooming tool makes it really easy to pass the shampoo or other pet care product through the coat. This brush is most effective when planning to give your dog a message.

The easy grip design makes it possible to hold the brush to give the comfortable grooming session, while still able to maintain a pleasant petting motion. This massage brush is even a practical choice for the dog breeds with minimal fur or fat, as well as the young puppies.

In addition to the dog shampoo massage brush, Conair also manufactures a few other grooming brushes, such as the curry comb, boar bristle brush, slicker brush, soft slicker brush, and pin brush dog grooming.

Product highlights

  • Thick, rubbery bristles
  • Easy to grip in the hand
  • Useful to stimulate and massage coat
  • Quickly passes shampoo through the dog coat

4) Light Pets Deshedding and Trimming Tool – Shedding Brush For Cat And Dog

electric dog grooming brush

The Light Pets Deshedding and Trimming Tool by Harbo is a practical choice for cat and dog owner that are tired of pet hair all over the house. This deshedding tool is highly effective at reducing shedding by an estimated 95%.

This tool is quick and comfortable to use and will not cause damage to the topcoat while leaving the skin healthy and the outer coat shiny. This type of tool is so much more effective than a traditional grooming brush, while also helping to clear any built up fur knots.

The Pet Deshedding Tool is a versatile option with the ability to work well on removing the loose undercoat on a short-haired dog and can be just as effective on the long haired dogs.

For ease in handling, the tool has a nice rubber-type handle which is non-slip and simple to use.

Also, the teeth on this rubber dog grooming brush are smooth and wide to give the highest level of comfort while in use.

Product highlights

  • Gentle in performance
  • 100% guaranteed
  • Keeps the skin healthy and the hair shiny
  • Cutting edge design

5) Automatic Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – Best Dog Grooming Brush

bristle brush dog grooming

The Automatic Self Cleaning Slicker Brush by Grand Line is designed to be an all-in-one tool to quickly clean and groom your pets. It takes little to clear the loose, dead hair to leave behind the shiny and healthy-looking coat.

The anti-slip and durable handle is comfortable to use for both pet and pet owner and makes it a practical choice for daily grooming sessions.

This self-cleaning slicker brush has a brushing area of 3.5″ by 1.5″ and easily maintains the coat on the medium to large size pet (weight: 24.3 lb to 88 lb and height: 16.1″ to 27.6″). This can be considered one of the best dog brushes for german shepherds and golden retrievers.

A regular brushing session will see this brush collect a high volume of dead hair that is no longer going to be left scattered around the house, and often falls in places it shouldn’t such as the dog food.

The brushing tines are finished with a tiny rounded tip to minimize the risk of hurting the pets with sensitive skin.

Product highlights

  • Works on the curly, straight, short or medium hair
  • Easy to remove hair from the brush
  • Useful anti-slip and comfortable handle with this automatic dog brush
  • Only takes 10-15 minutes every day to maintain the shiny coat look

6) SilCoater DUO – Furminator Dog Brush Reviews

dog grooming glove brush

The SilCoater DUO by ActiVet is a German manufactured dog grooming tool. The DUO is built with a dual brush head to perform multiple functions.

This means this tool is extremely versatile and gives the option to combine the ActiVet GREEN Pro Soft and the ActiVet GOLD SuperSoft Coat Grabber brush types.

It is great for breeds with the thick coat that often seems to get tangled. This brush is really easy to use and only needs a short daily session to keep the mats away while causing no damage to the coat.

Even though this brush doesn’t look the friendliest to rake across the skin, it does not hurt and will not leave scratches behind.

Whether you have a Rottweiler, King Charles, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Yorkie, Belgian Shepherd, Maltese or Pomeranian, the SilCoater DUO is a perfect tool for deep tangles and knots.

Product highlights

  • 2 Brushes in 1
  • The brush head is flexible to easily glide through the pet’s coat
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort in use
  • Strong and reliable stainless steel pins to give multiple years of service

7) Original Deshedding Grooming Tool – Best grooming brush for short hair dogs

dog grooming rake brush

The Original Deshedding Grooming Tool by SleekEZ is a practical option for the wire-haired and short-coated dogs. It is just 5-inches with an exclusive, patented tooth designed that has the ability to work on many different coats.

This grooming tool is quick and effective at removing dander, dirt and dead hair. It is a highly reliable option for terriers, Chihuahuas or other breeds with the short to medium-length coat.

Many dogs have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate the longer-toothed brushes, so this tool is the perfect alternative.

This grooming tool by SleekEZ is most effective on coats up to 3/8 inch. There is a slight learning curve to fully understand how best to brush your dog, but one that is understood the de-shedding process should go completely smooth.

Plus, this tool in made in hard-wearing high carbon steel to stand up to the test of time.

Product highlights

  • Solidly built in high carbon steel
  • Easy to grip design with wooden handle
  • Cuts shedding by nearly 95%
  • Multifunction; easily clear hair from pet beds, blankets, carpets, and furniture

8) Professional Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – To Protect The Dog’s Skin

rubber dog grooming brush

The Self Cleaning Slicker Brush by Bozimolding is a useful tool to remove loose hair, mats and tangles. It is a practical choice for grooming both the short hair and long hair dogs.

This brush is made of 100% TPR material to give long-term durability while also including antibacterial silver ions for greater protection.

Also, the arc shape of the steel needles means it is possible to get to the undercoat and remove the loose hair as required.

For complete comfort in use, the brush has a use anti-slip handle, so it continues to give a comfortable performance at the end of a 15 minute grooming session.

This brush can be considered as the best dog brush for short hair shedding. Also, a further feature of safety is the balls on the needle ends. This helps to protect the skin from scratches while in use.

Product highlights

  • Molded arc designed for ease of passing through mats and tangles
  • Self cleaning – simply push the button to release the caught hair
  • Needle ends with a tiny ball to protect the dog’s skin
  • Quality Guarantee

9) A5III Mark III Slicker – Professional Dog Grooming Brush

dog hair vacuum grooming brush

The A5III Mark III Slicker by Chris Christensen is a high quality dog grooming tool from a manufacturer that has a solid reputation. It is well crafted of beech wood and its high grade steel pins easily glide through the coat and cause no damage to the coat.

Plus, it is really comfortable to use with a nicely shaped handle that operates at a constant angle to avoid stressing the pet and groomer.

The tines are a great length and easily reach the under coat to gently remove the loose hair, as well as tangles and knots.

The actual size of the brush head is more than decent size to make sure it covers a lot of territories. A typical grooming session should take 10-15 minutes and clean dirt, grime, and little snarls.

Once the dog has sat through a complete session, their coat should be clean and shiny with no signs of matting.

Product highlights

  • Beautifully handcrafted beech
  • Solid built
  • High-grade steel pins for long-term performance
  • Easy to use and comfortable to both dog and groomer

10) Dog Grooming Comb for Shedding – Professional Quality Grooming Tool

dog grooming brush types

The Dog Grooming Comb for Shedding by Paws & Pals is a quick and effective tool for deshedding the family pets. This is a professional-grade tool with gentle stainless steel bristles that will not stress your pet’s undercoat and fur.

Plus the self-cleaning feature means it is quick and simple to clear any of the loose hair left in the comb. Use the Paws & Pals tool to get rid of mats and tangled fur without causing harm or irritating skin.

By removing the dead or loose hair you will not only make your pet a lot happier but also create the shiny and healthy coat. It is built to be comfortable to use with an ergonomically designed handle that gives the right leverage and control while brushing.

This brush is practical for a wide range of dog breeds, including the straight, curly, short haired and long haired.

Product highlights

  • Gentle combing action; no tugging or pulling
  • A professional quality grooming tool
  • Self cleaning design
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Things to Consider – Grooming Brush for Dogs

A regular brushing of your dog’s coat should be a top priority, but for many dog owners it isn’t. A proper brushing session on the hair makes it fresh, shiny. It virtually removes the need to keep clearing fur from the rest of the home. A brushing session can take place as often as required and is a useful way to bond with your pet. To get the best results from your brushing time, you want to use the dog grooming brush or comb.

It is essential to choose the right type of brush for even the most straightforward home grooming.

What kind of brush is best for my dog?

It is very important to know a bit more about the grooming dog brush and the dog for which we are going to buy the brush. Sometimes you can get the required features in the cheap dog grooming brush. Just continue reading the following grooming dog brush buying guide and you will be able to choose the perfect one!

Dog Grooming Brush Types

There are many types of brushes that are available in the markets. Each of them is for a different purpose and different breeds. You need to figure out which one is for your dogs. As brushing is a big part of your dog grooming, you need to pick it carefully.

Dog Grooming Brush Types

After comparing the shapes and sizes, we found out there are four types of brushes for grooming your dog. And these are:

Bristle brush

The bristle brushes are a versatile option and practical for all coat types. But, the length and spacing between the bristles will vary to match the different breeds. For instance, the long and widely spaced bristles are the most practical for the long coats. Also, the brush with stiff bristles is for coarse hair.

Mainly people use this brush to their dog to remove dead hair and dander from the coat of the dog. It also gives a shiny finish. This bristle brush also comes in various shapes and sizes. The bristle brush is for breeds like Pugs, Italian Greyhounds, Boston Terriers, and Jack Russell Terriers.

Wire-pin brush

A pin brush is very common. Most of the dog owners use this brush to groom their dog. This brush removes all the dead hair and dander from the coat without removing any natural oils. It gives a glossy look to your dog’s hair. This pin brush (rubber-tipped ends may highlight) is one of the best dog grooming brush options that are for the dogs with medium to long-haired, or those with woolly or curly coats.

With this brush, you also need to buy another flea comb. Flea comb helps you to remove all the fleas from your dog’s hair. If you don’t remove it, then it will cause an infection.

Slicker dog grooming brush

A slicker brush has thin and short wires on a flat cover. This brush is mainly for medium-to-long-haired or curly-haired dogs. The slicker brush is designed to tackle tangles and mats with its fine wire bristles. This brush is available in the market in various shapes and sizes. So you need to figure out which one should be good for your dog.

This brush is mainly for breeds like Cocker Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers, Golden Retrievers, and St. Bernards. But longer-haired dogs need this type of brushes the most because their hair gets mats and tangled easily. It removes all the tangles easily.

Undercoat rake

This undercoat rake brush is especially for entering into a dog’s thick hair and disentangles hair from the undercoat dog’s skin. This brush looks like a razor. It has one or two lines of tightly-spaced pins. You need to use this brush with minimum pressure. This brush is mainly for breeds like German Shepherds, Malamutes, and Chow Chows.

But before buying this brush, you need to make sure that they are perfect for your dog’s hair range. If the brush is shorter than the hair’s range, then it would not fit the below of hair. And if it is longer than the dog’s hair, then it would irritate the skin.

Hair coat types

From the rarest dog to a stray dog at first, we all notice, what is the coat type of this dog. Different breeds have different types of coats. As time passes, dog coats also began to change. And when they get mature, we get to know about their coat type. Then we can determine how to groom them.

For grooming your dog, coat type plays a major part in it. Different kinds of hair want a different brush. The dog’s coat can influence the right brushing technique. So if you are buying a brush for your dog, then choose it according to its coat type.

  • Smooth, short coats
  • Wiry, short coats
  • Flowing, medium to long coats
  • Woolly, soft fluffy with harsh, outer coats
  • Delicate, thin coats

Now I will explain to you guys about dog coats. It will help you to know what kind of coat your dog has.

Smooth, short coats

A soft to medium bristle brush is ideal for the breeds with smooth, short hair, such as the Chihuahuas, Hounds, Retrievers, etc. It is most practical to brush in the direction of the coat’s grain. Also, the brush should have closely spaced and short bristles. Get your pet relaxed before starting the session using dog chew toys or similar objects to use up a little energy.

Wiry, short coats

A firm bristle brush with closely spaced, short bristles, or even a slicker brush is the practical choice for the light, short hairs, such as those seen on the Terriers. The best brushing action is to go with the coat’s grain. Also, the dog grooming rake brush is a useful option in this area.

Flowing, medium to long coats

Use a soft to medium bristle brush with medium to wide-spaced bristles to groom breeds like Lhasa Apsos, Setters, Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, etc. Make sure to brush the dog’s coat in the direction of the grain. For the coatings that are starting to show signs of mats and tangles, it is important to apply a suitable slicker brush.

Woolly, soft undercoats with harsh, outer coats

The preferred type of brush for this coat is the firm bristled brush with wide-spaced, long bristles, or the wire-pin brush. They are useful for the Pomeranians, Chows, Shepherds, Collies or Sheepdogs, etc. Undercoat is best at going against the grain, and on the outer coat go with the grain. Use a high-quality slicker brush to clean mats and tangles.

Delicate, thin coats

A soft slicker brush or a wire-pin brush is the right choice for the Maltese, Yorkies, etc. With a light, thin hair. The brushing action can be with and against the coat’s grain. Other options include using the dog grooming glove brush for complete care.

Tips for using the dog grooming brush

Grooming is necessary for everyone. For living a hygiene life, it is essential to take care of yourself. Be it you, your dog, or your cat. Now I will give you guys some tips, especially for newcomers who don’t know how to grom his/her dogs.

The best approach to grooming is to be careful and take your time. You need to be gentle and take extra care when attempting to remove tangles or mats. Try to make a brushing session something more relaxing and comfortable with professional dog grooming brushes.

Tips for using the dog grooming brush

By using a gentle motion on the dog’s skin, you also provide a pleasant massage. It only needs two or three rips from snarls to make a grooming session something that your dog would prefer to avoid. A great way to build up the trust is to brush often.

A daily schedule with the dog grooming brush is clear to get you into the habit of relaxing and staying still while the grooming takes place.

Dog Grooming Brush FAQs

Here are some of the questions buyers may want to know before or after buying a brush for grooming the pet.

How often should you brush your dog?

The regularity of brushing your dog is certain to relate to the different breed and even the individual dog. But as a general guide, the short, smooth-coated dogs can benefit from a brush at least once or twice per week, but the dogs with a silky or long coat are more likely to benefit from using the grooming brush on an almost daily schedule. If sometime you might miss it, do it when you get the time, don’t wait for the next day!

How to clip the Coat

For the dogs with long, silky, light, wavy, or curly coats, it is often necessary to take any action that goes ahead of the first brushing. A regular clipping session is also likely to become part of the grooming program. Clipping is useful for removing the most noticeable tangles and matting. Knots not only make it more difficult to brush and manage the coat but also give a perfect place for pests and fleas to hide on your pet. So make sure when you are grooming your dog, make sure you are using the right grooming brush or any similar tool.

Do cheap pet brush works?

Cheap brushes seem to work for dogs. But, after a few days, they broke. Moreover, sometimes they make bad odors for dogs. They can’t detangle dog hair like an expensive brush would do. You can buy a cheap brush for a short time. But if you are looking for a long time dog brush, then I would suggest you invest some money on dogs’ brush.

What kind of brush is best for my dog?

It is necessary to know a bit more about the dog brush and the dog, for that we are going to buy the brush. Sometimes you can get the required features in the cheap dog grooming brush. Just continue reading the following grooming dog brush buying guide, and you will be able to choose the perfect one.

Why you have to choose a top performance dog brush?

A dog brush plays a significant part in grooming. A dog suffers from many skin problems. So they need something with good quality. A good dog brush will give a better result. So try to invest some money for dogs’ brush.

Final Verdict

With the best manual or electric dog grooming brush listed above, you can see there are plenty of high-quality options to maintain a healthy and shiny coat. The top items on our list are solidly built to give a reliable tool to get out the mats and tangles.

You shouldn’t have any issues with investing in one of these dog grooming tools for the small to large dog breeds. Just make sure to buy the best dog grooming brush to match the specific needs of your pet.


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